Whistle GO helped me help my dog.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Whenever I take my dogs out into public when wearing their Whistle activity trackers, I get asked what my dogs are wearing on their collar. The easiest response is "it's an activity tracker with a GPS" but whistle has so many advancements that I find myself saying "it does so much more than that!"

(This post is sponsored by Whistle, but is my honest opinion and experience with the device.)

The Whistle GO Explore is not only a GPS and activity tracker, but it keeps track of what your dog is doing all day. It lets you know when they are sleeping, on a walk, playing, and even scratching and licking. This last feature is what makes it stand out amongst the others to me.

About a month ago, I went on a hike with my dogs in an area with cactuses. I found a pricker in Oakley's paw, but was able to pull it out that day. When we got back home, we went about our business as usual. The next few days following our hike I thought that I noticed Tucker licking himself more than usual. I checked his paws and didn't see anything, so I assumed it was nothing. The next day or so, I realized that with my Whistle GO Explore app, I would be able to see if my suspicions were correct. I opened the app and checked Tucker's Licking and Scratching Data.

The Whistle app confirmed my suspicions that after our hike, Tucker started licking himself much more. The Whistle GO Explore was able to track it down the the exact day that it started to become more severe. After seeing this, I searched his body and found one tiny little sore where I applied ointment and gave him some benedryl.

Whistle has also recently come out with a new feature to help pet owners keep track of their dog's weight. It calculates how much your individual dog should eat based on what food they are fed and how much activity they get. With over 60% of the pet population being overweight, this is a huge step towards helping pet parents keep their pets happy and healthy.

(Note: the NEW Whistle FIT has all of the same health features as the GO EXPLORE without the GPS.)

Overall, I am so happy that I use the Whistle GO Explore on my dogs. It helps me take better care of them and keep them happy and healthy.