The BEST Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

HOHOHO and Happy Holidays! It's my favorite time of the year and who doesn't love to spread some extra holiday cheer? I love being able to share my favorite products in a gift guide to inspire others or to give you an excuse for some retail therapy. This guide was made for those people who are as obsessed with their pets as I am!

Below you will find a list of some of my favorite products for dog owners and lovers. The items are arranged in no particular order, I think each gift would make the perfect present for the animal lover in your life!

This post contains sponsored products chosen by me. I have given my honest opinion on these products and only write about products I love and vouch for.

Every product on this guide was hand selected by me and tested by my crazy doggies.

Animal trainers beware...

Trainer printed clothes and buttons by WoofCultr

WoofCultr has the most adorable outfits and gear to show off your passion!

These shirts are incredibly soft and high quality. I absolutely love their unique prints on tees and sweaters. This is definitely the perfect gift for the dog trainer in your life! They even make designs for those trainers who work with other animals as well. If you have a trainer in your life, or you're a trainer who would like to splurge for yourself, WoofCultr is the place to go!

WoofCultr: Use code Amber20 for a 20% discount!

Note from the shop:

PLEASE remember ALL of our items are made to order and must go through fulfillment prior to shipping, meaning it takes about 7-15 days for orders to get fulfilled and shipped out.

Be sure to order by the dates below for your gifts to arrive by Christmas!


AUS/NEWZ- 12/3


Unites States

-standard 12/13

-express 12/14

-overnight 12/16

Custom decor for your home! Personalized Pet Company - wooden print

No pet owner ever gets sick of photos of their pet. I guarantee you scroll through their phone and find 1000+ photos of their adorable pet. This is the perfect hint for the perfect gift!

Want to give someone a print of their pet? This rustic wooden print is a beautiful way to show off your pets in your home. Rather than just receiving a framed photograph of your pet, this wooden print adds texture and a rustic look to the photo. I absolutely love this gift idea, you can't go wrong with gifting someone a gorgeous print of their favorite pet!

Use the code wood10 for 10% off your order!

Know someone always covered in pet hair?

Lilly Brush Co pet hair removers are the way to go.

I love my pets to death, but I don't love my car, clothes, or furniture being covered in hair. I have been using these hair removers for years now and there is nothing on the market that gets hair off better than this magic hair remover! This is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a pet that sheds more than just love. I have several of these and both my husband and I swear by them. We have tried dozens of pet hair removers and this is the only thing that we continuously use with success. I can't recommend them enough!

Take your pet everywhere you go...

Little Felted Friends.

The cutest little gifts you ever did see. These little guys are hand-made out of felt and are the perfect little gift to receive under the tree. A mini-version of your very own pet that can fit in your pocket! Whether you want to commemorate a passed pet or simply have a cute little friend to smile at, this gift is perfect for ever pet lover. These adorable mini versions of your pet can easily be used as an ornament on your tree, or just a cute way to show off your love for your pet. They are SO cute that personally, I want to get another of our newly adopted kitten, Finn!

More cuddles, less mess!

Molly Mutt Couch cover and Duvet bed

Why make the sacrifice of not having nice things with pets? These couch covers will not only help protect your couch from pet mess, but they add some style to your home as well! They are easy to install and machine washable. I don't know about you, but my pets love to be on the furniture with me. This gift is a perfect way to help keep things cute and clean and allow more cuddles on the couch! The adorable duvet bed is an excellent accessory to tie it all together. You can fill it with your blankets or any materials that smell like you. This is a great way to immediately attract your dog to the bed and help them feel more at ease.

Use the code: AA2019 for a 15% discount!

Keep tabs on Fido 24/7!

Whistle GO explore

The whistle is an excellent gift for every over-the-top dog parent. It keeps track of what your dog does throughout the day and creates a timeline to keep you updated hour by hour. You can keep track of how well your pet is sleeping, when they are playing, if they go on a walk, how much exercise they are getting, and even if they leave the house. It has a GPS to help you find your pet if need be, will track how much your dog is licking or scratching and notify you of any changes. This is a great way to know if your pet is showing early signs of distress or illness. This gift is a great way to help every pet parent know what their pet is up to and help keep them happy and healthy.

Use the code: AMBER for 30% off your whistle!

Show off your dog-obsession in style.

Wear Wag Repeat Jungle Dogs Dress

Every dog lover wants to wear dogs 24/7. Sometimes wearing your dog's face or a shirt that says "Dog Mom" isn't always appropriate. Not to fear! Wear Wag Repeat has an adorable collection of outfits to tie in your dog obsession in a cute, not crazy way. I can't recommend this dress enough, it doesn't even catch dog hair!

Use the code: amber for 15% off your first order in the Wear Wag Repeat shop!

Walk your dog in style.

DOOG - Walkie Waist Bag

This waist bag by DOOG is an adorable way to stash loads of stuff for your dog and yourself! If you like to go on longer outings and find yourself juggling multiple bags or items, this waist bag is the perfect gift. It has several compartments to fit everything you could possibly need for your dog. It even has leash attachments on the sides so you can have a hands-free walk with your dog.

Give the gift of training!

Dogly Training Monthly Membership.

Know someone whose dog could use a little extra help? I have the honor of being a training advocate on Dogly. It is an online monthly membership where you get access to loads of training insights and advice. You also get to have access to your trainer 24/7 to ask whatever questions you like. This is a great gift for someone with a new puppy, or anyone that might be struggling with their dog's behavior.

Use the code HOLIDAY for 1 month free subscription.

Precious artwork of a Perfect Pet

Brittany Farina artwork - Custom Portrait

What better gift for someone who loves their pet, than a custom portrait of their pet? These adorable custom portraits are a wonderful gift to give to anyone who is obsessed with their pet. Brittany Farina adds her own unique style when bringing a painting of your pet to life. Every pet owner and lover wants more ways to show off their pet, so you can't go wrong with this gift!

Use the code: petlife40 for 40% off your own pet portrait!

Always be prepared!

WILDEBEEST Treat bag & Poop Bag Dispenser

I love this stylish combo. Every dog owner needs a treat pouch and a poop bag dispenser, why settle for something low quality when you can have this gorgeous duo? The treat bag is small and perfect for a little walk around the block. It can attach to your belt with a clip on the back, or you can use the waist band for extra security. It has a little pocket in the front which is great for stuffing a clicker or anything else you might want to bring.

The poop bag dispenser easily attaches around any leash with a velcro attachment. It also has a clip to prevent it from sliding around. I absolutely love this combo and think its a great way to bring the essentials for my dog without sacrificing style.

Use code: AMBERA15 for 15% off of WILDEBEEST products.

I hope that you got inspired by this Holiday Gift Guide! My dogs and I have tried and tested each of these products and cannot recommend them enough. Happy Holidays!