Pupsicles - a Fun, Interactive, Frozen Treat!

Hi everyone!

Boy has it been hot outside lately. When it's so hot, we spend less time outside to keep everyone safe and comfortable. However, there are a few activities you can do with your dog that will help keep them cool in this heat while also giving them a special treat! (I totally rhymed didn't I?!)

While many people are aware they can give their dogs ice, I'm not sure if everyone really takes advantage of this. By using different flavors, shapes, and ways to eat the ice, this can be a really engaging and fun activity for your dog. (That makes cute photo ops too!)

Don’t have a popsicle mold? Freeze in small Tupperware, ice cube tray, or empty yogurt containers. Stick the frozen container under some warm water to help it slide out easily.

I had fun with this and decided to try some yogurt/coconut milk flavored ice and added some dog-safe food dye to it to make it cute. I froze them in star shapes, tied strings around them, and hung them up to make a fun interactive and edible game for the pups.

You can be super creative with how you give your dog frozen treats. We like to make bone and chicken broth for the dogs and by freezing it in different ways, it gives the dogs an interesting new activity.

One other thing you can do is put a plastic sheet over your ice cubes, cut little slits in them and stick a treat through. This will make an edible "pupsicle stick" for your dog to munch on.

We would LOVE to see you get creative with pupsicles for your pets. Make something creative and share it with us on facebook or instagram by tagging @amberaquart so that we can share with others!