Pet Friendly - Austin, Tx

Hi there everyone! This past weekend Nick and I randomly decided to take a trip to Austin Texas. Since it was so last minute, that also meant we were going to bring ALL of the pets. We weren't sure how this was going to play out, but it actually ended up being perfect! Austin Texas is SO pet friendly! Every single place we went to eat had pet-friendly outdoor seating. I thought I would share with you all some of the places we went and what our favorite things were. Just so you know, Nick and I are BIG foodies. So these food suggestions are tried and tested by mega foodies - so you can't go wrong.

Vegan Nom was SO good that we literally ate breakfast there every single day. There are 2 other vegan food trucks there as well, one for good coffee! (Both photos were taken at the Vegan Nom food truck area. As you can see, I look like a crazy dog/cat mom but hey, at this point I don't care. I'm just happy they could come with us everywhere!)

Favorite Places we ate:

Nervous Charlie’s bagels

Bouldin creek cafe

The Vegan nom (Migas taco is awesome, so is the Chorizo, black bean queso taco)



Also good places to eat:

Veracruz all natural

La Barbecue

Things we did:

If I'm being totally honest, the majority of our trip was spent doing food crawls around Austin. However, both days that we were there, we found some pretty cool outdoor activities to do as well.

Barton Creek Green Belt Trails

The Barton Creek Green Belt trails are super pet friendly. We hiked for about 4 hours on the main trail along the river, passing the Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls. There are several different parts of this park that are all throughout Austin, so just look up where you would like to go ahead of time. It was about 20 minutes outside of downtown Austin, so not far at all. However, we went on a Sunday and it was PACKED. The river was also dried up for most of the hike, which actually served well for us as we were able to walk across and go on a less busy trail. Another warning I will give you, is it is an ON LEASH trail, but most of the dogs we encountered were off leash. I decided to keep my dogs on leash because of how heavily trafficked it was. I had Tucker muzzled or on a gentler leader because of how many dogs we encountered on the trail.

We had the two kitties in their carrier/backpack throughout the hike. It is a pretty easy trail with little inclines/declines here and there. Because the creek was dry in several locations, we were able to climb down and find a spot to hangout away from all of the people on the trail. This was great as I was able to let the dogs play in the water and allow the kitties to explore without worrying about an off leash dog coming up to them.

We took a nice little break down at the creek before heading back.

Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell was recommended to us by several people. This was a very pet friendly walk as well, but it was also very crowded. It is less of a trail and more of a constructed path for you to get a view of Austin. I wouldn't call it a mountain, but more of a big hill? Either way, it is the highest point in Austin TX and was a nice little walk to see the city. We did Mount Bonnell and the garden in the same day since it was a nice short little walk.

Zilker Botanical Gardens

Although this activity isn't free, it was a beautiful garden that is pet friendly. The person at the gate even told us that they have had a pet iguana visit their gardens before! As long as your pet is contained or on a leash, they can enjoy the gardens with you. This was a great place to hangout and leisurely walk around on a nice day outside.

Where we stayed:

We ended up staying at Red Roof Inn which is a pet friendly hotel chain. They allow 1 pet per room with no charge and may allow more pets if you call ahead of time and ask that specific hotel. Each hotel has to allow 1 pet with no charge, but may or may not choose to allow more. Lucky for us, they were happy to accommodate us and our crew. They even gave me a discount code to share with all of you! You can get 15% off of your stay by using the code 605422 when booking on

Overall, we absolutely LOVED our trip to Austin. We wanted to explore 6th street in Downtown Austin on our last night there, but we were exhausted after our hike that we decided to take a siesta instead. We will definitely be back, especially now that we know how pet friendly it is there. I hope that you find this little guide helpful and let me know if you enjoy any of the places we did!