Our Favorite Products at Global Pet Expo 2020

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

This was our first year at Global Pet Expo and it was a blast! Oakley and I were completely exhausted after the end of the week, as you can see above. Oakley in his dapper outfit and glasses were a hit! If you want to see a preview of what Global Pet Expo 2020 was like, check out this highlight reel below.

Our Favorite Products at Global Pet Expo 2020


Recovery Shirt & Overall

"The PAIKKA Recovery Shirt & Overall is made of special Far infrared (FIR) emitting fabric that boosts the recovery after exercise by promoting blood circulation and increasing oxygen levels in the blood. The Recovery Shirt is great to use before and after training, or as pajamas to maximize rest. The shirt may also be used as an under layer to provide additional warmth in cold weather." - PAIKKA

I am absolutely in love with the recovery shirt and overall by Paikka! It was the perfect thing to help Oakley recover from all of the walking and trick demos we did at Global. I love how comfortable it is, and the lightweight material allows for full range of motion. This is the perfect addition to our doggie wardrobe especially after training, hiking and other activities.

UV & Bug shirt

These adorable shirts are made with fabric that has been treated with 50+ UPF to block harmful rays.

When I first saw this shirt, I remarked at how adorable the zebra striped print was, but I didn't realize that PAIKKA designed the shirts with zebra stripes for a very specific reason: According to research, zebra stripes deter flies by confusing them and disrupting their landing. Martin How, a research fellow at the University of Bristol says that flies "reduced ability to land on the zebra's coat may be due to stripes disrupting the visual system of the horse flies during their final moments of approach . . . . Stripes may dazzle flies in some way once they are close enough to see them with their low-resolution eyes." Tim Caro, a professor in the U.C. Davis Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology says that "[o]nce they get close to the zebra [stripes] . . . they tend to fly past or bump into them . . . indicat[ing] that stripes may disrupt the flies' abilities to have a controlled landing."

Everything PAIKKA creates has a specific purpose and I love that; I am always amazed with the new products they come out with!

Doc & Pheobe's Indoor Hunting Feeder for Cats

"I am not a dog." There are thousands of booths at Global, so it can be overwhelming if you aren't sure what you're looking for. I made it my mission to find new and exciting cat enrichment toys. The hunting feeder by Doc and Pheobe's instantly caught my attention.

One funny story while we are on the topic of the hunting feeder: I actually met Dr. Liz (the creator) and we talked about cats and cat behavior for hours, but we didn't talk about the hunting feeder as I didn't know she had developed the toy. The following day, I ran into her at the show and told her that I was trying to find "the coolest cat enrichment toy" but that I couldn't find the booth. She asked me what it was and so I showed her a photo of what I was looking for, the hunting feeder. She gasped and said "Amber, that's MY toy!" We laughed and shared the excitement of this amazing toy that was made to enrich cats' lives and change the way they are fed.

Feeding your cat through a hunting feeder encourages their prey drive in a fun and beneficial way. This can reduce problem behaviors and entertains your cat while helping manage their weight. It is very simple! You start off with the easy trainer container until your cat is confident. Once they get the gist of it, you can start putting their food in the little mice and hiding them around the house. This encourages them to use their nose and "hunt" for the mouse. When they find it, they get to toss it around to get the food out. You can make it easier or more difficult depending on your cat's ability to figure it out.

I love that people have the ability to enrich their cats' lives just a little more with this awesome toy. Finnigan is LOVING eating his meals out of these toys every day!

Lucky Dog ZERO PLASTIC Poop Bags

These poop bags are 100% plant based and I think they smell like popcorn! Most biodegradable bags still leave plastic traces behind, which is why these bags are actually compostable! I was able to see an old bag returning into the dirt at the booth. The folks at Lucky Dog told me that the bags are primarily made out of corn husks, which maybe explains why they smell like popcorn, haha. How cool!

"Unlike plastic bags that take 10-20 YEARS to decompose in landfills, ours breakdown COMPLETELY in just 90 - 180 DAYS. And we mean COMPLETELY. Unlike so-called ‘biodegradable’ bags that only break down into smaller micro plastics, our bags leave ZERO PLASTIC behind. This is a huge win for the environment!" - Lucky Dog

"Did you know? Dog poop contributes 30% of pollutants and bacteria in waterways. The vast majority of dog waste bags on the market are not compostable. Other 'eco-friendly' bags break down into micro-plastic pieces, which are then consumed by animals & humans alike.

These bags are made with ZERO plastic, is the only poop bag made of 100% organic, plant-based materials, and NO chemicals. It fully decomposes after 3-6 months after picking up the poo and it won’t leave micro-plastic bits behind. It's strong, leak-proof and easy to open, too, thanks to no static-causing plastic." - Lucky Dog

Travel Cat Harness by Your Cat Backpack

After having a kitten for several months, I have constantly been on the search for a great cat harness. Unfortunately many options out there are just tiny dog harnesses. The thing is, cats have very different bodies than dog and small dog harnesses just aren't right.

I have used a ferret harness and even a specially made cat harness. But I've found that most cat harnesses on the market only have a strap under the neck and a strap around the waist. My issue with this is that the cat ends up putting a lot of pressure on their neck when hitting the end of the leash. It is important to me that there is some support in-between the front legs to help distribute any leash pressure.

Another issue is that cats are escape artists! They escape from a lot of harnesses on the market. This made finding the right harness even more difficult.

I was SO happy when I found the Travel Cat Harness! It has everything I need to keep my cat safe and is made with a step-in design so that the cat doesn't need to put his or her head through anything. It has two secure enclosures--velcro and buckle snap--to ensure you get the right fit and that your cat can't escape. It even has a double leash attachment point and a reflective strip for added security. This is my new go-to recommendation for a cat harness and I am so happy I stumbled upon it at Global Pet Expo!

Overall, we had the best time seeing new products, meeting new people, and reconnecting with good friends and amazing companies. We will certainly be back and Oakley will be ready to be the hit of the party again next year!