Our 5 Favorite Finds at SuperZoo2019

This was our 1st year at SuperZoo and what a blast it was! Oakley and I were thrilled to go as press and discover all of the new pet products on the market. We found so many incredible brands and amazing new products, way too many to count! But we thought we'd share a few of our favorite finds at this year's Super Zoo.

This article was not sponsored at all, it is simply my opinion on products that stood out amongst the rest at the SuperZoo show.

  • PAIKKA Visibility Raincoat

One of the coolest products we discovered was this reflective rain coat for dogs (they're making some for people too!) Just from looking at it, it looks like a stylish rain coat. Oakley was able to try it on and it fit incredibly well. I can only imagine that water would have a tough time getting through! What was most incredible about this jacket was what happens when you take a photo with flash to activate the reflective material.

The entire coat became reflective which makes this coat is impossible to miss! I was blown away with how reflective it became and this is an amazing safety feature. This coat is something that the pet product industry is certainly missing and I am SO excited that this company is launching! This dog coat triples as a raincoat, reflective jacket, and a wool mixed lining to keep your pup warm without having them overheat. I cannot wait for this jacket to launch to the general public. Learn more about this product on their website here.

Once I heard about these treats, I HAD to check them out. What a wonderful idea to use crickets, a more sustainable protein! Crickets are a superfood that require less land, water, and feed than traditional protein sources.

Not only are these treats a brilliant idea, but BOTH of my dogs loved them. We got samples of all their different flavors and so far the sweet potato flavor is their favorite. They have both soft training treats and hard dog biscuits. I'm a fan of the soft treats and I love how easy they are to break up without a ton of mess. The dogs also appreciate the smell that they have and get excited as soon as I start to open the bag. These treats will definitely become a regular in our household!

I went to a press meeting put on by The Missing Link to learn about the new products they were launching. Hilariously, when I arrived I realized when looking around that I am currently using some of their supplements in my dog's food! I had no idea I was already using their products. (Silly me).

This was funny but also exciting because it made me look forward to what new products they were launching. One of the new products their launching is their SmartMouth dental stick that has supplements in it. Many pet parents give their dogs dental chews to help clean their teeth and get rid of bad breath, but don't realize that many of the dental chews on the market are really just empty calories. It may help clean their teeth, but the ingredients might not be benefitting them at all. This is where The Missing Link decided to step in and create a dental chew that has added supplements such as glucosamine, omegas, and flaxseed.

Yes that is me carrying my 63lb dog on my back.

This was probably one of my favorite moments of SuperZoo 2019. I had an absolute blast trying this sportsack on and carrying Oakley around. I think he would say the same if he could and would ask that I carry him around the entire show like this next time.

I was thoroughly impressed with how well this backpack was able to hold Oakley and how easily I was able to move around with him on my back! This is something that I was interested in for emergency situations when we're out hiking. I can't wait to learn more about this pack in the future and am so happy that they're making some big enough for those big dogs out there! The pack is supposed to hold up to 80lbs. I would suggest contacting their customer service to find the right pack size for you and your dog if you're interested.

  • Happy Tails CBD Blend by Honest Paws

When it comes to CBD and Hemp products, I'm always a little skeptical because there are so many out there. However, I was given a few samples by Honest Paws of their Happy Tails CBD Blend. I love that it is a mix blended into a peanut butter. With a picky dog like Oakley it can be almost impossible to get him to take something like a supplement or vitamin. Over the past couple days we have had a few thunderstorms that have been making Oakley a little anxious. I was able to whip these samples out and he took them right away, licking it up as if it was normal peanut butter. I noticed a change in his anxiety fairly quickly and was so thrilled that I found something he was willing to take.

These products were only a few of the thousands of amazing products that we were able to see and learn more about at SuperZoo 2019. There were so many more that we loved but if we listed them all you'd be here all day. I hope that you enjoyed seeing our favorite products from SuperZoo and we can't wait to learn more about them. If you have any questions about these products or anything else about the show, let us know in the comments below!