Is your dog's diet preventing them from learning?

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

As a certified professional dog trainer, I am frequently called to come work with dogs that have all sorts of behavioral issues.

Before beginning a training plan with a dog, the first thing I always do is evaluate the dog's health and personality. Every dog is different and treating them all as if they are the same will not only do their training a disservice, but I can't truly help them or their humans.

A dog's diet is a very important part of determining their success in training. If the dog is on an unbalanced diet, they are likely to not be feeling their best and they will have a harder time remembering the training session.

One thing that is extremely important to acknowledge is that every dog is unique. This applies to both their personality, learning style, physique and capabilities. It's important to take this into account when using supplements for your dog as well. This is why I partnered up with The Missing Link, because they understand that each dog is an individual with unique dietary needs and they create supplements to help with that.

Oakley is a very picky dog who tends to get an upset stomach every so often, especially when eating something new or very rich. When training Oakley, I have to keep in mind the time of day to ensure that he will be hungry and motivated, and I also have to use specific treats. Because of Oakley's sensitive stomach, adding probiotics to his meals is extremely important to ensure that he is feeling good enough to focus and eat for training time.

A dog like Oakley won't be able to focus or work for food if their stomach isn't feeling just right. I would know from experience! Probiotics are a great way to help ensure a healthy stomach and promote proper digestion. Oakley can get very gassy and becomes easily affected by this. It's crucial that I stay on top of his supplements to ensure that he will be feeling his best and able to not only train, but feel good enough to work.

Tucker is an anxious fellow. He loves to eat, but sometimes his mind can get overwhelmed by his environment. If left to his own devices, he has a hard time retaining information and focusing when he feels anxious. When training an anxious dog like Tucker, it's important to address this early, otherwise he will struggle to take food during training. This is extremely important to take note of when working with dogs but also with your own personal dog. I add The Missing Link Collagen Care Calm & Focus supplement specifically made to help ease anxiety in dogs to Tucker's daily supplements.

When it comes to keeping our dog's healthy, supplements are a really important part of that. Not everyone realizes that supplements and your dog's diet can have a great affect on their ability to learn and retain information as well. Not sure what supplements would be best for your dog? Comment below with your dog's unique needs and I would be happy to help you find the best supplements for your dog. Be sure to visit The Missing Link's website to find supplements made to benefit your dog's health and wellbeing.