Dirty Dogs - Why we can't have nice things, or can we?

Having a dog comes with sacrifices. Your house is likely not going to be as clean as it used to be, especially if you have large active dogs that shed like crazy (like me!)

You know what they say, trying to keep your house clean with dogs is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos.

When it comes down to it, I had given up on trying to make things "look nice" in our house because with our dogs it just felt impossible. We spend so much time outdoors and they end up bringing so much of it inside with them. However, when moving to our new apartment here in OKC, I wanted to try and make our new place look nice. I discovered a company called Ruggable that delivers rugs to your door. *We were given this rug for free but this is our 100% honest opinion.

They make rugs that are non-toxic, machine washable and stain resistant, which sounds like the PERFECT rug for someone with pets (plus, the top designs can be interchangeable!) I reached out to them so that I could try their rug out and see if it is actually what people are saying it is.

First of all, I would like to mention how easy ordering our rug on their website was. I filtered the colors and styles that I liked on their website, and was able to find a few different patterns that I loved. Once I checked with the hubby, we narrowed it down to one gorgeous rug. The rug arrived in a few weeks and was incredibly easy to install. It came with a non-slip bottom, which is a huge winner for us. We simply rolled it out, laid the rug on top of it and made sure all of the corners stuck to the velcro on the non-slip attachment. (Of course, the dogs kept wanting to get on it before we were done.)

My first impression of the rug was how bright the colors were. I was pleasantly surprised at how stunning the pattern is in person and how soft and comfortable the rug actually is. Initially from looking at photos online, I thought it might be pretty thin and not very comfortable. All of my doubts were gone once we laid it out. The rug was incredibly easy to install, soft, and comfortable. The non-slip backing does a wonderful job of keeping it in place, even with the dogs wrestling all over it.

I haven't had to put it in the washing machine yet, but the dogs did already manage to track red mud all over it. I was actually able to just scrub it off with a dry towel and it looked as good as new. (All of the photos below were taken *after* the mud incident.)

Overall, we have been pleasantly surprised by this rug and I am so thankful to have found something that can make living with dogs a little bit easier. I think that this new machine-washable rug is a must have for pet owners everywhere. We don't have to sacrifice having nice things anymore!

I was able to snag a discount code for any of you that may be interested in getting your own Ruggable Rug! Use FUNPAWSITIVE15 for 15% off your order! Or use this link: http://bit.ly/2ZuTuIs