5 things on Every Dog-Obsessed Persons' Wish List

Dogs are my passion, hobby, and career.

For fun, I like to research the best dog-products on the market and dream of the day that I may be able to have them!

There are a never ending amount of new dog-trinkets on the market, so how do you know which ones are the best and most coveted?

I'm about to make that really easy for you! I've put together a list of my favorite high-end/must-haves for the dog lover (obsessed dog person)* in your life. 

*Ehem... also for whoever wants to buy me something this year... ;)

1) Embark DNA Testing Kit 

Embark is unique in that it tests not only your dog's DNA and ancestry, it also test for your dog's genetic age, and for over 160 genetic health conditions. 

There are several DNA tests out there, but Embark has the best feedback and seemingly the most accurate results. 

2) Pet Tutor - Smart Animal Training Systems'

The Pet Tutor is an advanced food dispensing device that can be programmed through your phone using a bluetooth app.

It gives you the ability to reward your dog from a distance and even when you're not home which can prevent boredom, and help change unwanted dog behavior such as barking, crate phobias, separation anxiety and more.

3) The KLIMB Training Platform

The KLIMB is the only training platform made with your dog in mind and is extremely versatile. It can hold over 500lbs, has a non-slip surface, the legs can be unscrewed and stored underneath and you can connect several together to make new configurations, and is portable.

It can be used as a "place" for your dog to stay, to manage problem behaviors, for canine conditioning, trick training, dog-sports training, and more! 

I already have 3 (one of each color)!

4) Whistle GPS and Activity Tracker

Every dog-obsessed person wants to know where their dog is and what they are doing, every second of every day. With the Whistle GPS, you actually can! 

There are several activity trackers/GPS out there, but Whistle consistently comes out on top. It can be attached to any collar, is more affordable than most, and they have a 90 day money back guarantee. 

There is no better way to put a dog-lover's mind at ease when away from their pup!

5) Real Pet Food- Subscription Box

Everyone wants to feed only the best to their pup but with so many chews on the market, how do you know what to get?

Real Pet Food makes it easy, they send you a box of their home-made/air-dried treats and chews.

They use only high-quality premium meats from a wide variety of protein sources and hand select new combinations each month.

This Blog Post is NOT sponsored, which is how you know these things must just be that great!