What is "Positive Training"?

Positive training is—or should be—primarily about teaching dogs to make good choices. Giving a sense of empowerment and control produces a behaviorally healthy animal, preventing or resolving many behavior issues. And the side effects are more confidence (i.e., less fear), trust, and closer bonds.


Our progress is based on scientific studies that help us understand more than we ever knew before about how dogs think, feel, learn, problem solve, and perceive their world. Science has also dispelled the old myths about why dogs do what they do, such as the long-debunked theory of dominance.


Educated professional trainers put a high value on the relationship—to create a partnership, not to be master or “alpha.” We focus on getting desirable behaviors, to avoid or replace undesirable ones. We use food, toys, play, and real-life rewards—whatever the individual is willing to work for. 
The aim is to get your dog’s willing attention and cooperation.

Lisa Benshoff 2016

The L.I.M.A. approach

Amber believes in using the "Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive" approach in her training and recommendations. This essentially means that whatever the dog finds most enjoyable will be used to train the dog. The dog decides what is reinforcing but also what is punishing. By using re-direction techniques and punishment as a last option, this ensures that the dog learns in the most enjoyable way possible. 


Amber Aquart is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, Pet CPR trained and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. She is a Service Dog Academy graduate, an AKC evaluator and a Therapy Pets Unlimited evaluator.


We're committed to providing up-to-date scientifically proven training methods for you and your dog by making continued education a priority. 

This is why we do not use intimidation as a form of training but focus on building a solid foundation through positive training techniques and relationship based methods.

Amber has spoken and presented at several dog training conferences, pet expos, and more. Her work has been shared and published worldwide.