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Amber (Oliver) Aquart CPDT-KA, CTDI

Hi there, I’m Amber! I’ve been training dogs professionally since 2011 and actually began working with animals by handling and training exotic animals such as lemurs, wallabies, eagles and more. (I even used to have a pet skunk who I taught several tricks to.) I trained pet dogs, service dogs, and rehabbed many dogs in Miami, FL for several years. I am certified through CCPDT and always continuing my education with animal training and behavior.

I adopted Tucker in 2012 and had to learn quickly about dog behavior modification since he had a lot of issues to work through.
In 2015 while I was working for a large dog training facility, I met Oakley who needed a home and fell in love. He was a goofball who just needed some fine tuning. Because tucker had issues in certain situations, I wasn’t able to use him as my full-time service dog. Luckily, Oakley fit that role perfectly after lots of training.

In 2017 I married my husband (Nick) and moved to Boston. When in Boston, I joined an off-leash dog hiking company and eventually launched my own training and hiking program for dogs there. I learned the ins and outs of safely managing dogs off leash and training them to become reliable in all sorts of situations. I was able to take on dozens of service dog training clients as well as pet dog clients while there.

In 2019 we moved to OKC and have been here ever since. (We are moving to Louisville in a few months and then D.C. a year after that!)

At the end of 2019 I adopted Finnigan(the tabby) who has taught me so much about cats, cat training, and cat enrichment. Early 2020 I adopted River after rehabbing him from an FHO surgery. They have given me a passion for advocating for cats and showing people how trainable they are what they are capable of.

My mission is to help people like you all see the potential they have with their pets and the best relationship possible with them.
I hope to inspire you all to have a more enriching, engaging, and enjoyable life with your pets.


Amber and her pets have been featured in hundreds of articles, videos and more worldwide.

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Meet The Critters

Everyone thinks they have the best dog,


Rescued from the woods in GA in 2012, Tucker had a rough start in life. Through positive training, patience, and consistency, Tucker is now a talented trick dog, stunt dog, and professional animal actor. Tucker has starred in many productions and shines on screen and advertisements. 

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Adopted 10/25/19, Finnigan just joined the family and has already accomplished great things. 

He is the youngest titled trick cat at only 3 months old and loves to explore outside on a leash. 

He is a natural in front of the camera and loves showing off his skills at home. 

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After being re-homed 3 times, Amber adopted Oakley from a rescue in Miami, FL in 2015. After training and commitment, Oakley is Amber's personal service dog, a therapy dog, and professional animal actor. He has starred in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl and several other productions. 



Originally a 1 week foster commitment, River ended up needing an FHO surgery for a shattered hip. After 3 months of recovery, we fell in love and couldn't give him up. 

River is a do-everything cat and we have big hopes that he will be in productions soon!